Rang dhiya therae ishq nai, Your glory covers all who obey your will. Song from unreleased Bollywood film, Padmavati.

Dherae na… noor basayaemai, The treasure that is you, ankhiyo mae thera kuub hoi therae mai, when did I become that in your eyes? Rab janae mera, only the sage Rabbi knows, raang dhiya thera ishq nai youun, you have covered all with glory, ho gai mai thu hi thu, and we are yours once again. Raang thunae kaisa hae chardaya, what sort of spell is this O Lord. Sun yara sun yara therae ishq na cholo paya, it is the love of saints which does not abandon the person who receives it. Aanchal mai bharkae phuul aei sarae hain, the shelter of sarees is filled with flowers. Khushboo saae bhar thu  mausaum thumharae, your laws represent a fervent season Khush ho rahae hai sabnae  hamarae, making all of us glad. Bethayae rahae ho thuum dharkan kinarae, You are seated at the doorstep of life, raang dhiya therae ishq nai yuun, your glory surveiled all. Sun yara thearae ishq na cholo paya, this yearning of saints captures all hearts. Ho gayi mai gai mai thu hi thu and I become like you, within and without. Suub chupae hain, all that is hidden kadhmoe raas rukae sarsae sachjo, is revealed at your holy feet stopping anarchy and therefore is our blessing. Aansou rung thunae chardaya, you have made tears opinion, khushayon ki saayae sarsae, all of happinesses’ verses sach dho mai,have come true again in tear filled eyes. Dhil kae pehlae zakhm chuphae hai kadhmoe thalae saab rus pae ruunkae hain, Thus, in our souls’ encounter with injury, sin is hidden. Khushuyoin kae sayae sarsae uthae hain,  happiness rains over our heads, saaj dho mai asoun saarae chuukhae hai..it is true that your treasures can be found only in tears that flowed. Sun yara, sun yara, calling all the saints to assembly..

Satyagraha;- the one universal law of being.

Aek Dhil Hai, Aek Jaan Hai, there is but one heart and one life in all worship. Song from movie trailer, Padmavati, starring Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. Director and producer, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer.




Aek dhil hai, aek jaan hai, there is but one heart that is true, there is but one life that is just dhono thuuj pae gurubaan hai, both are to be gained in the presence of Holy G-d. Aek mein hoon, there is but one I aek eiman hai, that is worthy of esteem, dhono thuuj pae haan thuuj pae guruban hai, to be understood only through gratitude to you.  Aek dhil hai ,ishq bhi, thuu you are my beloved mera pyaar bhi thu my love meri baath zaath jazbaath bhi thu, the one whose word rules over all, mera parwaz bhi thu, my gate nuhae saaz bhi, and the breath opening it thuun maere saas naas aur hayaat bhi thu mera raaz bhi thu my friend and lord, mera pukhraj bhi thuun, my King meri aas pyas  aur rizaahi bhi thuu, and God’s surrounding glory meri jeeth bhi thuun, meri haar bhi thuun, my victory and my defeat mera raj raj aur mizaaj bhi thuun, my kingdom and all there is within merae ishq main hurr maqam mein, my love that conquered every difficulty hurr subhah main, hurr shyam, through the dark night and early morning mein aek ruthva hai, became our promise, our search aek shaan hai, one that is of hope dhono thujpae haan thujhe pae dhono thujpae guruban hai, whose bounty is to be received at the feet of  holiness, thu, God.