Why any rule of opinion can never ever be the rule of any laws. Rafta Rafta Wo Meri, Tanya Wills, vocalist. Norway, 2016.

 Closer you came, closer you came to me, first a melody then a song, then you became a song in my life. Raftha raftha woh meri hasthi ka saamaan ho gaye, Subtly and gradually, love became existence. Pehlay jaan, phir jaan-e-jaan, phir jaan-e-jaana ho gaye First life, then the love of life, finally until love completed its mission. Din-b-din bardthi gaaey eis husn ki raaniyaan. Day by day, love’s empire increased. Pehlay Gul, phir gul-badan, phir gul-badamaan ho gaye.  First, love song then its flower which becoming a rose. Aap tho nazdeek say nazdeek-thar aathay gaye. Love kept coming closer And this was enough for truth. Pehlay dil, phir dilruba, phir dil kay mehmaan ho gaye. First love’s will, then its command and then life’s form. Closer you came, you came to me.