Megher palok, cloud cover. Shreya Ghoshal vocalist.

Megher palok chander nolok,the clouds cover along with the moon’s glory kagojer kheya bhasche…appear as paper boats. Buk dhuk puk chand paana much chile-kothaa theke haaschhe, the stirred soul calls out to the world.  Megher barite bheja bheja paaye ta-thoi ta-thoi barsha, in the cloudy heavens you will find rain.  Kaak bheja mon jal thoi thoi raattir holo pharsaa, our hungry hearts delight in a night made white. Aami tumi aaj ekaakaar hoye mishechhi alor britte, in our wanderings we have come into this magical light.  Mamo chitte niti nritye ke je nache…Who is it that dances in my soul? Aalto paaye chharaano path bhije aaynaa, With soft feet the water reveals a road,  Ei shahar aabchhaa bhor ter paayna, that awakens no sorrow.  Jal tup tup paaye chhando ratrir juiphul, As the Jui flower rests within drops. Haate haat rekhe aluk shaluk swapne mashgul, to flower again as dreamy truth.  Ogo chholomol nemechhe shraban, The crazy season, shraban, has brought turmoil.  Megh thoi thoi jhorna, Sending an invitation to the heavens to open up and rain down upon the world.  Ami tumi aaj ekaakaar hoye mishechhi aalor britte, lost souls such as you and me find ourselves in bright light. Rong -er doyaate aanki buki bhor elo melo ghor kaatche, With rainbows, our paths, stirred souls are awakened to new possibilities. Din paaltaay aalo aaltay duto mon aaj aantche,  Lonely souls will find their destiny as the days turn and the light alters. Jato oli goli akuli bikuli ei poth chola kaddur , No matter how treacherous the path, no matter how long the journey, Aaguner aanche aanache kaanache tumi aar aami roddur, the fire’s sting flees from us and we appear together as light.  Tumi aami teen sotyi hoye baaki sab aaj mithye, Laying claim to the fact that our two souls are the light in this betraying world.  Mamo chite … nritye… nache. Who is it that dances in my soul? (Bissho Kobi, Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate, British India.)


Where Shadow Chases Light, Poem by Bissho Kobi, Rabindranath Tagore, 1913, British India.

Gitanjali, The song of Flowers, by Nobel  Laureate, Poet Rabindranath Tagore.






This is my delight, thus to wait and watch by the wayside where shadow chases light and the rain comes in the wake of the summer. Messengers with tidings from unknown skies greet me as they race along with the road. My heart is glad within, and the breath of the passing breeze is fragrant. From dawn till dusk I sit here before my door, and I know that all of a sudden the happy moment will arrive when I shall see. In the meanwhile, I smile and I sing by myself, so that the air is fulfilled with the perfume of promise.