How to avoid privileged pandering of religions. With Urdu poetry known as ghazals and nazms.

Jabbhie koi sithara tuuta, mai samjha hoga mera dhil, when a star can no longer carry the burden of heaven, it reminds me of a heart been broken into many parts. Chalthae chalthae yuug bithae time after time chaar kadham thi meri I wander the four corners of the world in search of you. Manzil jaanae mae kisore chala huun my heart is aware of the trepidatious journey and it is my will that allows me to seek your presence merae peechai meri manzi as my willl. Maath ilzaam kisi par dhena please do not put a curse on my yearning, thuum ho anjum apnae kathil, says the famous poet Anjum, is the journey as well.

Pardha nasheen vo vakth nalaa, the moment hidden in sand sadhjo ko shikayaath ho jayae, tell the story of truth that made complete mae therae thgahaful bejaan dhuun, in pursuit of this truth, I fear losing the ability to speak aur theri inaayath ho jayain, and become thoughtless once more.

Bhiktha hai thu masjid mandir mai, God as you wander through shrines built to extol you, dekh mujhae dar laghtha hai, seeing you thus makes me afraid. Maashook hai thu jinkae dhil ka, your extraordinary accomplishments of which the human is just a speck of sand, unhae na bavavath na ho jai, please consider the truth of existence to be worthy of you.

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Lyrics for Zaahid Ne Mera, My God. By Asghar Gondvi. Vocalist, Apoorva Mudghal.

Zahid Ne Mera Haasil E Imaan Nahin Dekha God does not perceive the difficulties we humans face in the challenges of our world.  Rukh Pae Theri Zulfon Ko Pareshaan Nahin Dhekha Your mein covers the desperate look on my face Har Haal Mein Bus Pesh-e-nazar Hai Wohi Soorat.  My fate rests in his hands. Maenae Kabhi Roo-e-shab-e-hijran Nahin Dekha. Yet his veiled face remains hidden from us. Ayae Thay Sabhi Tharhaa Ke Jalway Mere Aage, All sorts of good-will had been displayed before you, Meine Magar Ae Deeda-e-haeraan Nahin Dekha, Even so, The Counselor does not see the ardor of my devotion. Kya kya hua hungaam-e-junoon yeh nahi maloom. As a result, what difficulties I have to face I do not know. Kuch Hosh Jo Ayea Tho Girebaan Nahin Dekha, But when I came to my senses, The Counselor did not care to notice the shattered dreams that lay at his feet everywhere.

Sonnet, William Shakespeare. Recitation of Tom Alter, Faiz’s Ghazal.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds, Admit impediments, Love is not Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken. Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle’s compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

Dhono jahan theri muhabbath mae haarkae, when two souls met to fall in defeat over you, vo jahrah hai koi shabhaehum guzaarkae, it was as if the time spent was of no concern to you. Veera hai mai kadha khumoo savar udhaas hai, I became that bravery quenching the desperation of thirsty souls. Thum kya gayae kae root gayae dhin bahar kae. It did not matter whether you accepted or rejected pleas, the days were spent in the awe of submission.


What you miss in life, you can recover in death. Deveshi Sehgal, Vocalist. World Sacred Spirit Festival. 2016.

Orae Piya, My Beloved. Seven Eyes at the Jashn-e-Rekhta festival 2017. Tanya Wells vocalist.

My Heart Leaps Up –William Wordsworth, 1770 – 1850. The crowning of Romanticism in English Poetry before Victoria and Empire.

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

Kathak, Dance by Shradha Murthy on Devotion. Song, Breathless, by Shankar Mahadevan.

Koi jo mila tho mujhae, when meeting strangers  eisa lagtha I felt hai jaisaei meri saari duniya as if my whole world opened up mae geetho ki ruth aur rango ki barkha, with melody’s reign that were layers of  different colors  hain khusboo ki aandhi, and a fragrant storm occupied me hai behki hui si ab saari fizayae, wherin all desires hai behki hui si aab saari haawyae, were like a wind hai khoi hui si hai ab saari dhishaanae hai, that blocked sight jaagae badli hui si aab saari aadayae, and all my senses were changed hain jaagi umang hai with a joyful medley dharak raha hai dil saason, bringing breathing to the forefront mai toofa hai hothon pae nagmae hai, and as if a hurricane praise of the creator is always on our lips, aankho mai sapnae hain, a creator who made dreams sapno mai beethai huae saarae woh lamhae hain, part of our human existence jab koi aaya tha nazro pai chaya tha, when we were able to finally see dil mae samayatha, God we saw that he is within us all, kaisaie mai bathuun thumhae piyar se cherae, how can I describe such a lovely sight bikhri jo zulfae eisa lagtha hai  jaisae kohre kae peechae ki mai ek os mai dhula hua phul khila hai that appeared after storm jaisae badal mai  ek chaandh chupa, as if it were always hidden in the clouds hua hai aur  jaankh raha hai  jaisae raath ki pardae mai ek savera hai, a sight that beckons morning roshon roshon aankhon mai sapno ka  sagar, the blinding light is the seat of dreams  jismae prem sitaro ki chadar jaisae where hidden love jhalak rahi hai silences all within its grasp lehero lehero bath karae, so that there is nothing but praise may be offered  mai  jaisae mothi barsae jaisae kahin chaandhi ki payal tootay, to say from the beginning that these are the pearls of his wisdom that he raised from a dying moon  jaisae kahin sheeshain ke jaam girae and opened its glassy mein aur chann sae toontay, in order to make it anew jaisae koi chup kae sae sitaar bajaayae, the half moon’s brokenness is renewed as a mellifluous instrument, sitaar that also is the pseudonym for a star jaisai koi chaandhni raath mai gaayae that raises its voice to celebrate glory jaisae koi haulae se paas bulayae, and beckons us softly kaaisi meethi baathae thi wo kaisi mulakathae thi woh, reminding all of the sweet murmurings that would ostensibly lead to sweet encounters,  hua jab  mainae jana tha nazro sae kaisae  merae dhil aur arzoo kaisae hain manzil aur kaisae utarta hai chaandhni zammen par, only to discover that these occasions frauds kaisae kabhi lagtha swarg agar hai, hiding behind a false heaven tho bus hai yahi par usnae banaya, and you made me live in this tumult mujhae aur samjhaya mujhae hum jo milae hai humein aisae hi milna tha, as if my pain and suffering were and will be God’s gul jo khilae hain unhae aisae hi khilna tha, ones that should have been of glory instead turned into trash janmo ki bandhan janmo kae rishtaey hai, a punishment for not recognizing that one’s burden is also one’s life song jab bhi hum janme tho hum yuhi miltae hai, as when we are born in its intersection. Kaano mae merae jaisae shahad sae ghulnae lagae, and in lamentation kwaabo ke dar jaisae ankhon mei khilnae lagae, and become fearful and a revelation for the enemy kwaboo ki duniya bhi kithni hasin aur kaisi rangee thi, one who does not recognize value instead mocks kwabbo ki duniya jo kehnae ko thi par kahi bhi nahi thi, dreams that determine the worth of every human soul khwaab jo tootae merae aankho jo khuli meri, hosh jo aaya mujhae mainae, by the time we understood the enemy’s plan, dekha mainae jaana wo jo kabhi aaya tha , that he had already enslaved nazro pae chaaya tha, deceiving all  dil me samyaya tha jaa bhi chuka hai aur dil mera hai ab tanha tanha, taking everything away to only leave behind endless hurt  na tho koi armaanhain na koi tammanna hai, for which there is no real respite aur na koi sapna hai and dreams unfulfilled ab jo meri dhin aur ab jo meri raath hai, only to recount the trials of nightfall unmae sirf aansoon hai unmae sirf dhardh ki ranj ki baathae, where sorrow and hate communicate as friends hain aur faryad hai to make me forget praying to the Lord mera ab koi nahi mai hu aur khoyae huae pyar ki aadhaey hain, and thus now I have and am nothing but repetition of stolen lives and broken dreams.

Only knowledge is truth. The rest is bulls**t Ludwig Josef Wittengstein not?


Wittengstein as a child. Already curious and knowing.


Rang dhiya therae ishq nai, Your glory covers all who obey your will. Song from unreleased Bollywood film, Padmavati.

Dherae na… noor basayaemai, The treasure that is you, ankhiyo mae thera kuub hoi therae mai, when did I become that in your eyes? Rab janae mera, only the sage Rabbi knows, raang dhiya thera ishq nai youun, you have covered all with glory, ho gai mai thu hi thu, and we are yours once again. Raang thunae kaisa hae chardaya, what sort of spell is this O Lord. Sun yara sun yara therae ishq na cholo paya, it is the love of saints which does not abandon the person who receives it. Aanchal mai bharkae phuul aei sarae hain, the shelter of sarees is filled with flowers. Khushboo saae bhar thu  mausaum thumharae, your laws represent a fervent season Khush ho rahae hai sabnae  hamarae, making all of us glad. Bethayae rahae ho thuum dharkan kinarae, You are seated at the doorstep of life, raang dhiya therae ishq nai yuun, your glory surveiled all. Sun yara thearae ishq na cholo paya, this yearning of saints captures all hearts. Ho gayi mai gai mai thu hi thu and I become like you, within and without. Suub chupae hain, all that is hidden kadhmoe raas rukae sarsae sachjo, is revealed at your holy feet stopping anarchy and therefore is our blessing. Aansou rung thunae chardaya, you have made tears opinion, khushayon ki saayae sarsae, all of happinesses’ verses sach dho mai,have come true again in tear filled eyes. Dhil kae pehlae zakhm chuphae hai kadhmoe thalae saab rus pae ruunkae hain, Thus, in our souls’ encounter with injury, sin is hidden. Khushuyoin kae sayae sarsae uthae hain,  happiness rains over our heads, saaj dho mai asoun saarae chuukhae is true that your treasures can be found only in tears that flowed. Sun yara, sun yara, calling all the saints to assembly..

Satyagraha;- the one universal law of being.