God is Our Truth When Work is Worship as Duty of God?

Duty is God; Work is Worship

Maanam Hithvaa Priyo Bhavathi,
Krodham Hithvaa Na Sochathi
Kaamam Hithvaa Arthavaan Bhavathi
Lobham Hithvaa Sukhi Bhavathi
Embodiments of Love!
As long as one is egoistic, no one will love him including his wife and children, though they may pretend to do so. So long as there is anger in an individual, grief is inevitable. Satisfaction eludes one who has desires. One with greed can never enjoy any comforts. Ego, anger, desire and greed are the root cause for absence of peace of mind.

Man feels, happiness and peace of mind results from spiritual practices, but in reality it is not so. Mind is the root cause for happiness and sorrow. So conquer the mind. Conquering the mind will lead you to a stage of equanimity, wherein you treat the dualities alike. Vedanta has declared: “Manayeva Manushyaanaam Kaaranam Bandhamokshayoh“, mind is the cause for both bondage and liberation. Once you control your mind, you will grow beyond the dualities of sadness and happiness. Welcome sorrow just as you welcome happiness. In fact the happiness that you derive out of pleasure is negligible compared to the happiness that results from difficulties. History is replete with examples of people who stand a testimony to this fact. All noble and ideal people had to undergo ordeals before they experienced happiness. “Nasukhaath Labhyathe Sukham“, happiness is derived only from difficulties, but man wants only happiness, not difficulties. This is quite contradictory to the principles of spirituality.

Punyasya Phalamichchanthi
Punyam Nechchanthi Maanavaah
Napaapa Phalamichchanthi
Paapam Kurvanthu Yathnathaha

Man desires good results, but does not perform meritorious deeds. He does not want the fruits of bad actions, yet he plunges into undesirable activities.

The nine paths of devotion are recommended in order to experience divinity latent in man. They are: Sravanam (listening), Keerthanam (singing), Vishnusmaranam (remembrance), Paadasevanam (serving the Lotus Feet), Vandanam (salutation), Archanam (worship), Daasyam (servitude), Sneham (friendship), Atmanivedanam (surrender). Love is the life-breath of all these forms of devotion.

How, can one attain the Principle of BrahmaBrahma means the all-pervasive cosmic principle. According to the Puranas, Brahma originated from the navel of Vishnu. Who is Vishnu? He is the one who is all pervasive. Vishnu and Brahma are synonymous with the AtmaAtma is derived from the root word ‘Ahas’, meaning ‘daytime’. Ahas dispels darkness of ignorance. Therefore, the cosmic form is described as the Effulgent One. This Brahma is not limited to a specific name and form. It is also referred to as ‘Brihat’, meaning all-pervasive. One has to follow the truth to attain the Effulgent One. “Yath Drisyam Thannasyam’, all that is seen is bound to perish.

Asthiram Jeevanam Loke,
Asthiram Yavvanam Dhanam
Asthiram Daara Putraadi
Sathyam Keerthi Dwayam Sthiram

Money, youth, wife and children are all temporary. Only Sathyam (truth) and Keerthi (fame) are eternal. That is why Brahma is referred to as ‘Sathyam’Jnanam (wisdom) emerged from SathyamSathyam and Jnanam are all-pervasive. That is why the Vedas have declared: “Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Brahma.” God is Truth, Wisdom and Infinite. The embodiment of Truth can be experienced only by following the path of Truth. Truth transcends time – past, present and future.

Why does God incarnate? To enable man to understand and experience his latent divinity, and unity in diversity. The essence of spirituality lies in visualizing unity in diversity. This is the goal of human life. Atma is the same in all irrespective of their name, country and life style. This Atma is referred to as conscience, which permeates the body from top to toe. The goal of spirituality is to realize oneness of Atma in all. Man on account of attachment to body, is oblivious to his innate divinity and visualizes diversity in unity. This is due to ignorance. God incarnates in order to teach the underlying unity in diversity. Krishna has declared: “Mamaatma Sarvabhoothaantharaatma” (I am the indweller in all beings). Body can be compared to a mirror. This mirror (body) is made of clay. This body, Mrinmaya (made of clay) has to be transformed into Chinmaya (one of awareness). No spiritual practices are required to do so. Realize the truth: Chinmaya is within Mrinmaya. But you are not making any effort to realize the true nature of yours. Ash covers the neglected live ember. The live ember can be seen only when the ash is blown away. Similarly, the Atma, which is inherent in man, can be seen only when the ash of ego, anger, desire and body attachment are blown away by chanting the name of the Lord.

Body attachment gives rise to ego in man. Success eludes one who is egoistic. Egolessness is true humanness. There is no trace of ego in man at the time of birth, but it develops as he grows up. Feelings of I and mine are responsible for man’s bondage. Man will enjoy bliss only when he gets rid of ego and attachment. Bliss cannot be achieved through any other spiritual practice. Spiritual practices confer only temporary mental satisfaction. Only the awareness of Atma is true and eternal.

As pointed out by Bozzani, (previous speaker) each individual should question himself, ‘who am I?’ On the contrary each one asks ‘who are you?’ which is information oriented. No gain accrues from acquiring this information. What is required today is transformation, which can be effected by questioning oneself ‘who am I?’ Once you know the answer to this, you do not need to undertake any spiritual practice. This is possible only when you control your mind. Sage Patanjali has enunciated the same: “Yogaha Chitta Vritthi Nirodaha“, (controlling thoughts and aberrations is true Yoga). Yoga does not mean physical exercise. Yoga means ‘to unite with’ the Atma. There is no greater happiness than being one with Atma. But today, no one is making any effort to attain Atma, the final goal of life. The senses are above the body; mind is above the senses; intellect is above the mind; and Atma is above the intellect. Man does not travel even up to the level of the intellect. He travels only up to the level of the mind. As man is unable to control his mind and the senses, he is subjected to confusion and depression. As a result he forgets the Principle of Atma.

Body, which is made up of the five elements is transient and may perish at any point of time. Attachment to body brings in attachment to money. Today, people value education and money more than anything else. 
Money and education by themselves are not bad. Good and bad lies in their utilization. Water by itself is colorless, but assumes the color of the container in which it is poured. Similar is the case with money and education; their value depends on the nature of the person who has acquired them. Good and bad are the reflections of the inner being; they do not exist in the persons around. Defects lie in vision not in creation. So purify your vision and sanctify your heart. Only then you can experience unity in diversity.

I have received letters from delegates to this conference seeking clarification for their doubts. What is the root cause of doubt? It is the absence of total faith. Jesus had a disciple, Thomas, who doubted everything he came across and was appropriately called ‘doubting Thomas’. In the path of spirituality doubts do arise at times, even though one may have faith in God. One of the doubts is this:

Did Jesus really declare that He was the Truth, the path and none superior to Him?”

Enquire into the truth yourself. Jesus was never egoistic at any point of time. Never did Jesus declare that He was the Truth, the path, the savior and the redeemer. It was the work of the compilers of the Bible that led to the mistaken notion. Today we have five hundred different versions of the Bible. Luke, Peter and Thomas were among the first few apostles.

There was one tax collector who recorded the conversation between Jesus and the fishermen. It was during one of those conversations, Jesus assured them that He would take care of them, but at no point of time did he mention with a sense of ego that He was the only One and the ultimate One to protect them. He did this only with a view to increase their confidence and enthuse them into action. Many scholars misinterpreted this assurance and considered Jesus as the only redeemer and that He would protect them from all difficulties.

At the time of Divine Birth three wise men visited Jesus in the manger. One of them, looking at child Jesus, remarked: He looks as though He was a ‘Messenger of God’. The second wise man exclaimed that the child looked as though he was the ‘Son of God’. The third wise man disagreed with both and concluded that He and God were one and the same.

Jesus was filled with compassion at the sight of the meek and the afflicted. Paul opposed Jesus in all matters from the very outset. Once Jesus appeared in a dream of Paul and questioned him -“What harm have I done to you? Why do you criticize Me so?” This caused Paul to ponder and realize that his ignorance and ego blinded him to reality. Thereafter he became an ardent disciple of Jesus. In every age, every noble soul had to put up with criticism. People always have mistaken notions about good and bad. If only we understand the truth in the Bible, we will come to the conclusion that there has been no fault in Jesus at all. Jesus always aspired to put people in God consciousness.

At the time of crucifixion, Jesus prayed: “O Father! What sin have I committed? Why am I put to suffering thus?” Jesus never laid any claim to His association with God either as a Messenger or a Son. It is only in order that men may realize their own relation with God that such interpretation is made. When Mother Mary stood crying at the foot of the Cross, an ethereal voice was heard. “All are one My dear Son; be alike to everyone.” It may be concluded from the above incident that the relation between Jesus and God was that of Son and Father.

Jesus never proclaimed egoistically that He was the path, the truth and the only way. But every incarnation has proclaimed this Truth. Krishna declared in the Bhagavad Gita, “Mamaivaamso Jeevaloke Jeevabhuta Sanaathanah” (All are sparks of My Divinity). “Manmanaa Bhava Madbhakto Madyaaji Maam Namaskuru.” (Fix your mind on Me, perform rituals for Me. Pay obeisance to Me. If you were to fix your mind steadfastly on Me, you shall certainly realize Me.) Only an Avatar can give such an assurance emphasizing on the Atmic Principle. Jesus had never said so. Hence He was considered as a Messenger of God.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna declared “I am the protector of all; I am the basis of all and the creator of all and the basis for the four varnas“. “What is varna?” Varna means color, but it has been misunderstood to be caste. “Chaaturvarnyam Mayasrishtam”. “All the people of four varnas have been created by Me”, said Krishna. Therefore, do not make any distinction based on color. The four colors are: black, yellow, white and red. The Negroes and Bharatiyas are black in complexion. Japanese and British are white in complexion, while Chinese are yellow and the Russians are red. What God has declared is broad in nature and not narrow-minded. Do not give room for any constriction of thoughts.

You may be a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu or a Zoroastrian, but you must consider yourselves to be children of God. In the beginning even Romans were Jews, not Christians. It is only after the advent of Jesus that the term Christians came into use. He (Jesus) said that He was ‘Persona’ meaning that He was the spark of Divine. This has been translated by the British as ‘Person’, which has been termed as ‘Purusha’ by Bharatiyas. Therefore, ‘Purusha’ or ‘Persona’ have originated from the Roman language. ‘Persona’ means sacredness. Since man has divinity inherent in him he is called as a person. This, in Hindu culture, PuranasVedasSastras and Ithihasas has declared as ‘Purusha’. ‘Yallabdapuman Ichcharamo bhavathi Tapto bhavathi Mattho bhavathi Atmaaraamo bhavathi’ . These are the various names of the one divinity present in all. We experience the one divinity present in various forms. But, 
today we have to realize the unity in diversity and experience the same. Consider this to be the chief goal of Sathya Sai Organizations. You should not give rise to differences/hatred of any sort. There is only One that is present in all. If you are to realize this Truth, That in itself would be spirituality in practice. Practice is more important than publicity.

There are two mikes in front of Me. There is one mike in front of the translator. The words that emanate from the mikes may differ, but the underlying sound principle is the same. Similarly we must experience the divinity in various names and forms. Words that emerge from heart constitute expansion talk. Some people speak only from lips in order to suit the situation. Such words constitute contraction talk. Such contraction talk is equivalent to death. People who indulge in such contraction talk have no connection between their speech and the heart. When all that which is in the heart finds expression in speech, that is termed as expansion talk. Those who speak from the heart speak the truth and whose speech does not come from the heart, speak untruth to suit the occasion. Your words should emanate from the heart. This is possible only when there is complete confidence in the Self. The one with total conviction does not give room for doubts.

The inquiry into the fact whether that which is applicable to others is applicable to individual self also constitutes search for Truth (Sathyanveshana). One may ask why there should be a search for Truth, when Truth is all-pervasive. In each human there is the dual aspect of truth, untruth; righteousness, unrighteousness; and non-violence, violence. There is an example to illustrate this. We have pure 24 carat gold with us. After sometime, you have added copper to it. Later you have added silver to it and later aluminum and brass. As and when new metals are added to the gold, its true nature undergoes a change and loses its value. Today man also is undergoing such a change. When he is a child, he is pure. As he associates himself with others he acquires violence, nonviolence, righteousness, truth and untruth. This is the root cause for the cycle of birth and death. When you are one with the Self, there is no scope for birth and death. Body attachment, educational and monetary attachment reduce the Self to the present state of man. Man thus forgets his true nature. Man has to be cleansed by the process of Samskara (refinement) by which he will be rid of all the bad qualities and regain his resplendent pristine purity.

Man has been acquiring evil qualities such as jealousy, hatred and ego. Devotees and aspirants tend to fall a prey to jealousy and ego. Due to such a tendency man destroys his very human nature. We have to foster our faith firmly. Do not let it be debased by evil tendencies. One should join good company and run away from the bad. Bad company is harmful.

“Tyaja Durjana Samsargam
Bhaja Saadhu Samaagamam
Kuru Punyamahoraathrarn
Smara Nithyam Anithyathaam”

Run away from bad company; join the good; do meritorious deeds day and night and ponder over the permanent and the transient.

Some may appear very pious through their words and deeds, but if you observe their behavior, it would be demonic in reality. Do not have faith in such people and lose your purity. Impure gold of this nature is on the rise. You must become pure gold. Even a small quantity of pure gold is better than a mound of debased gold. Quality should be preferred over quantity. Half an acre of fertile land is better than ten acres of barren land.

Follow your own conscience, your Master.
Face the devil
Fight to the end
Finish the game
This is the goal of human life.

Since you respect and follow the words of those who have disharmony in their thought, word and deed, you tend to forget your Swami, your true Self. Follow your conscience. I never force anybody to do anything. What is the reason? The reason is one has to follow the dictates of one’s source, conscience. Force connotes external imposition. Source relates to the Atma, which is verily love. So cultivate love.

This is the answer to the first question about Jesus. He never said that He alone was the savior, that He alone was the Truth. He said, all are the embodiments of truth and purity, all are children of God. His teachings were based on such broad-minded feelings. He emphasized the need for refraining from hurting others.

The second question raised is this – “Why does Swami appear in the dreams of only a few and why not in all?

It is naive to think in such a manner. You cannot have such dreams as and when you would like to. You think of many people, but do they all appear in your dreams? No. It is a mistake to think that Swami does not have compassion on you just because He does not appear in your dreams. Swami’s compassion is very much there on one and all. Dreams are nothing but reflections of the subconscious mind. Swami appearing in dreams is very auspicious. Now I will explain the different types of dreams. Sometimes you experience nightmares and at times you experience dreams which fill you with happiness. All these dreams occur since they are accumulated in your subconscious mind. It is good that they find expression in dreams. Dreams are the reflection, reaction and resound of that which is within you. The same does not apply to the dreams in which Swami appears. 
Swami appears in dreams only when HE wills it and not when you want to
. The Mohammedan musician who performed yesterday had not seen Me on any prior occasion. I asked him, “Son, do you remember that you met with a car accident in America and that I appeared to you at that very instant? Hearing this revelation he exclaimed, “O my God!” and wept with joy. The same night I appeared in his dream and told him that he would be coming to Puttaparthi for the ensuing Birthday celebrations. It happened accordingly, he came here yesterday.

There are certain confusing dreams in which your feelings play an active role. You may be seeing Swami but at the same time your feelings get mixed up and cause confusion. You may see yourself in Puttaparthi at one point of time and in America in the very next so on and so forth. These dreams are not willed by Swami. These result from indigestion and improper food. 
Dreams which are willed by Me are very clear and give no room for confusion or doubt. I come to you and convey what I want to in the most direct manner

The third point raised is, “Everyone is undertaking spiritual practices, but I am unable to do so for lack of time as I am engaged in multifarious activities. I am unable to think of Swami and participate in service activities. What is the solution to this?

It is a big mistake to think on these lines. There is no need for a specific time and place to think of Swami. 
Discharge your duties sincerely with the conviction that everything is Swami’s work. “Work is worship, duty is God”. You do not need to sit and chant ‘Sairam’ repeatedly. “Sarva Karma Bhagavad Preethyartham“, do all acts with the feeling that they are for pleasing God. That is the greatest Sadhana. Instead of wasting your time in meditation devoid of concentration better attend to your household work.
 “Karmaanubandhini Manushyaloke“, human society is bound by Karma (action). Karma does not mean sweeping the road and serving the sick. Even your breathing process, batting of your eyelid, eating, sleeping, reading can be termed Karma. Life without Karma is impossible even for a moment. Life will be sanctified only when you do all Karmas (actions) pleasing God. Do not make any distinction between God and yourself, His work and your work. Work with the conviction that you and God are one. Then even a small work will assume magnificence. Greatness lies in small things. No doubt sweeping the roads and visiting hospitals are good deeds, but they in themselves do not constitute service. Discharging one’s duty properly is the true Sadhana. In the name of Sadhana or spiritual practices if your neglect your duty and if your work is not commensurate with the salary you draw, then it would amount to cheating the government. 
True service lies in discharging one’s duty properly. Hence service can be done even in office. Any work undertaken without discriminating it to be personal or divine would become service. Never give an excuse of lack of time.

There is a small story: “A devotee wanted to know his life span so that he could set aside a considerable amount of time for spiritual practices. He pleaded with the Lord to let him know his life span. God replied saying that he was given 80 years. The devotee felt happy, but he continued: “Out of the 80 years allocated to me, 20-25 years are spent in studying and playing. Next 25 years are spent in my household activities. The next 30 years are spent planning for my future and for the well being of my children. So, I am left with no time for spiritual practices. So, O Lord! Grant me 20 more years that I may think of You and attain You”. God laughed and said: “O mad man! Do you need 20 years to attain Me? Even two seconds are enough. How long does it take to put on the switch to get light? Not even a second! Granted that you need 20 years to think of Me wholeheartedly, what is the guarantee that you will not use it for other activities? It is nothing but laziness”. “Slow and steady wins the race”. Even a second spent in contemplation of Me with a steady mind will draw you to Me. “Time is God; do not waste time; time wasted is life wasted.” Proper utilization of time is true spiritual practice. Consider time as the very form of God and your life will be sanctified. Some people lament saying that they do not have enough time to contemplate on the Lord. Whoever has raised this point is lazy by nature. Once you give up laziness you can easily tread the path of sacredness. “Laziness is rust and dust; realization is best and rest.”

Fourth point: Being in foreign land we are unable to do Swami’s work and so would like to come to Bharat and participate in Swami’s activities wholeheartedly.

This is another sign of laziness. To do a service activity can there be a distinction between a foreign land and Motherland? God is omnipresent. Whether the service is done abroad or in Bharat, it does not lose its significance. It is utterly selfish to come to Prasanthi Nilayam to do service activity. You may come after retirement for service at Prasanthi Nilayam. You have your own duties to your children, vis-a-vis their education and career. If you were to come here without fulfilling the same, you would begin to develop frustration after sometime. “Don’t come now. 
It is better that you stay in your place and serve. Swami does not expect any service from anyone
. Many of my boys are here. But, I attend to My own work. They all aspire to do service to Me. Very fortunate few get to serve Me. Others, for this reason, should not get disheartened. Attend to your own duty. That is service in itself. I am 73 years. My legs, hands, eyes are in perfect condition. I attend to My own work. So serve those who are incapacitated and are weak. This can be your service to Swami. You may wonder that Swami may suffer from leg ache as He moves around much. Let Me tell you, I have never suffered nor will I ever suffer. Only when I take upon Myself the suffering of others do I appear to be suffering; otherwise this body does not have any suffering. I call Dr. Alreja to check the blood pressure. He always replies, “Swami! Normal, perfect normal! 120/ 80.” But, My blood pressure is 117/78. Then I ask him to check My pulse. My pulse is always 68 – perfect normal. How much ever I may move about or speak, My blood pressure does not increase. How sacred is My body! It is all due to the combination of Purity, Patience and Perseverance. None of you ever need to serve Me. You may perform your own duties and look after the welfare of your family.

5th point: How are we to clear the debts of the consequences of our actions?

You consider the consequences to be debts. However hurting, the consequences may be; they can easily be remedied with the help of medicine of Love. There is nothing greater than Love. 
Love God wholeheartedly. All the consequences of your action will be nullified. All your diseases will be cured. If it does not happen so, you should not think otherwise. If you were to pray wholeheartedly, it would come to pass
. Some sit for prayer in Puja room chanting ‘Sairam’. Suddenly their mind wanders towards the washerman and they enquire if he has brought the clothes. If you are really chanting the Lord’s name wholeheartedly, why should the mind go to the washerman? Some others sit in meditation, but are easily distracted by the smell from the kitchen. If this is the nature of your spiritual pursuit, how can it be termed as a prayer to the Lord? All your spiritual practices are done with a wavering mind. Do them with a steady mind. You are bound to reap the fruits. 
You may undertake any type of spiritual pursuit, but love wholeheartedly. Love can eradicate any type of disease and act as a panacea for any affliction. You must, in the first instance, develop love. This can be possible if you believe that God is the embodiment of Love
. How can you develop love when you do not believe that God is the embodiment of Love?

Love is the perfect medicine. If you were to put a plant in a tin and water it, the plant would die in due course of time; but if you were to plant the same in the soil and water it, the plant would grow into a fine tree. Similarly, 
God’s name and form should be implanted in the soil of our hearts and nurtured with water of love. This will ensure good results. If one cultivates love, one need not undertake any other spiritual pursuits.

6th point is very strange: In our Puja room, we have the photographs of Rama, Krishna, Eswara and Jesus. We also keep Swami’s Photograph amidst them. Is it OK?

Once you are convinced that God is omnipresent, why should you fear to keep any particular photograph? You may worship Rama, Eswara, Jesus, Allah, Zoroastra or Sai. Develop the feeling that all are one. I often narrate a small example – In Bharat there are various types of sweets viz., Godum Halwa, Badam Kheer, Gulab Jamoon, Jilebi, Laddu, Mysore Pak. Though their names and forms are different, the sugar in all of them is same. You may worship Rama, Eswara, Vishnu, Allah, Jesus or Sai. But, you should realize that the undercurrent of divinity is the same in one and all. Then the difference of name and form will not affect you in any manner. If you do not like other Gods, you can remove their photographs and replace them with those that you like. If you do not like Sai Baba’s or Rama’s photograph, you may remove the same. But this will not serve any purpose. What is essential is recognizing unity in divinity.

Here is a small story. A student was to attend an examination. He was weak in Mathematics. Since the exam was the next day, he worshipped Swami and went for the exam. He failed in Mathematics. With the result he removed Swami’s photo in the altar and placed it in a cupboard. Second day, he had Mathematics paper part II. That day he worshipped Rama’s photograph. He fared even worse. Third day he was to go for the Accounts examination. He decided that Mother Goddess would be more benevolent compared to the other gods. He brought Devi’s photograph and did Puja. That day he could not even understand the questions in the examination. He came back and put this photograph also in the cupboard. Fourth day was Accounts Paper Part II. Realizing that Vinayaka is the remover of all obstacles, he brought incense sticks, coconut and garlanded the idol. When he lit the incense sticks, the smoke began to waft towards the cupboard in which the discarded photos were placed. Then he thought, “I brought incense sticks for Vinayaka; why should I let the benefit of the fragrance be experienced by these Gods – Rama, Sai Baba and Krishna, who have betrayed me. He went into the house and brought a piece of cloth to tie the nose of Sai Baba, Rama and Devi. Having assured himself that the fragrance would not reach them, he sat down for prayer. At that moment, Sai Baba, Rama and Devi appeared. He was amazed and questioned the deities. How is it that you have not appeared when I worshipped you and appear to me now that I have punished you? Then Sai Baba replied: “Son! Till this day you had limited Me to a picture. Today you have believed that this photo is a living entity and tied a cloth around the nose to prevent the fragrance from reaching Me. The photographs will not help you. Picture will remain a picture. You may worship picture as God, but not God as a picture. Today you have begun to believe the picture as God Himself and tied the cloth. So I appeared before you”. Nowadays we perform all rites believing God to be a picture. 
It is only when we take picture as God in form, all our desires will be fulfilled. It does not matter what form you may worship or what name you chant. Realize that all names and forms are His. Nothing wrong with any name. All are the forms of the same Godhead. You may even worship your own parents.

Mathru Devo Bhava,
Pithru Devo Bhava,
Acharya Devo Bhava,
Atithi Devo Bhava

In such case, how can you distinguish between various forms of God? At no point of time you should entertain doubts regarding God. ‘God is God.’ Never comment or criticize the name or form of god. Have any photograph and chant any name. God is one; Truth is One. “Ekam Sath Vipraah Bahuda Vadanti“(Truth is one, but scholars refer to it as many). Do not go about changing photographs. Have the photograph of your choice and worship.

Seventh Point: Swami! In the worldly avocations, which type of Sadhana is Swami pleased with? I am ready to do that.

There is only one answer to that. 
I do not advocate any specific Sadhana. Consider all people to be the forms of Divinity. Have faith that God is in all. That pleases Me the most. Refrain from doing that which causes grief to others even if it were to give you happiness. Do unto others what you do unto yourself. “Help ever; Hurt never”. Do not harm or hurt anyone. Do not develop ill feelings towards anybody. Even if people were to hurt you or curse you, do not refrain from loving them. That is what Swami expects of you
. There are people, who do not worship Swami. Some worship and some others criticize. I remain unaffected by both. I do not take note of any of these. I continue to love all. Each one has to bear the consequences of his actions. “Who can say at what point of time or place Mighty Rama Himself cried like a commoner due to the separation from Sita. The Pandavas of yore had to live in a forest on leaves and tubers. Who can predict the time and manner of the consequences? The only certainty is the experience of the consequences.”

If you were to do good, you would reap good results, and bad results, if you had done bad deeds. Realize this in the first instance and act accordingly. I do not hate anybody I do not doubt anyone. I love even those who do not believe in Me. That is My nature. Some tend to doubt My power, because I repose faith in them, though they themselves do not have faith in Me. That is a mistaken notion. My Love is same for all. I desire that all be blissful.

Water is colorless. It, however, assumes the color of the bottle in which it is placed. Good or bad are within you and not in Me and they shall never be in Me. I am always for the maxim – “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu“(let the whole world be happy). Even If you were to hate Me, I shall love you. That is My nature. That is the divine quality. You may worship Me today and censure Me tomorrow, and vice-versa. When drunk, one talks in a certain manner, while when sober, in another. When you are deeply drunk with worldly desires, mind oscillates from one side to another. But one who is filled with wholesome and unsullied love remains the same under all circumstances.
You may forget Me, but I will never forget you. I am always with you, in you, around you and above you. People who are in divine proximity are extremely fortunate. It is a culmination of the merit acquired in various births. It has not come in this birth. Therefore, do not waste your energies brooding over this. What pleases Swami? What is He displeased with? Do not entertain such doubts. I am pleased with whatever you undertake with purity of heart. I only desire the purity of your heart. With pure love in your heart, you may undertake any type of service. Have total faith in Swami’s words, implicitly obey His commands. I do not misguide anyone at any time. Whatever I say is for your own good. “Whatever I tell, whatever I do is good for you; not for Me. I do not have any work of My own. All are done for your sake. On any account, do not entertain the thought that I do not have love for you. Fortunate people get a chance to undertake sacred deeds in close proximity to the Divine. But those who do not get such an opportunity should not entertain any jealousy that others had received and they have not. The most malignant disease of all is jealousy. Cancer may have a remedy, but not jealousy. Cancer may be cancelled, but jealousy has no remedy whatsoever. Jealousy would depress one to such an extent that one would perish in the process.

Embodiments of Love!

Members of Sai Organization should develop broad vision without giving room for jealousy, hatred and ego. Consider all as brothers and sisters and immerse yourselves in bliss by doing service. Today, you have resolved to bring about transformation in the education system. Education is very essential. It can neither be stolen by thieves, burnt by fire nor diminished by sharing with others. Education always grows. Share this eternal wisdom with one and all. Practice all that you have learnt. Teach good virtues to the children, “Son! Do not study for money. Affluence, friendship and physical strength are of major importance in a worldly sense. But money is here today and gone tomorrow. Money comes and goes. Friend may turn to a foe in a day. You are strong today, but you may become weak tomorrow. However your virtues will never desert you. Develop that permanent character that does not desert you any day. Develop sacred virtues.”

Enter the society with noble virtues. Help everyone. Do you know why the hands are given? Is it for eating? It is for helping others! Charity is the ornament for hand. Do you know why voice/throat is given? Not to sing cinema songs! Not to criticize or blame others, but to chant the name of God. That in itself is the beautiful necklace. Wear that necklace and sanctify your voice/throat. Do you know why intelligence is given? Is it for becoming egoistic? It is to ponder over the means of contemplating on Divinity and reaching and experiencing of the same. One must engage each limb and senses in sacred activities.

Embodiments of Love!

Delegates from 180 countries have assembled here. All occupy exalted positions. 
If you were to tread the right path, you can mould thousands of people in turn. If one office-bearer were to get spoilt, many people can go astray. “Help ever; Hurt never”. Be good, do good and set an ideal; then all would follow the ideal path. Without practicing, if you were to tell others, it would be of no avail. Even if you are unable to do all, practice at least one or two. That is enough. I do not even desire that you follow all the teachings

Be ideal members of Sathya Sai Organization and bring about proper development/progress and transform the nation itself. I do not desire for My name to be upheld. I do not require any name or fame. If only I wanted, the whole world would have been at My feet by now. But, “I do not want”. I only want to help you. Foster the sense of service amongst yourselves. Entertain noble thoughts.

Goldstein said that Swami always gives and does not take anything. 
Except for only one, I do not ask for anything. That which I ask for is your love. I do not desire anything else. Whatever you ask, I will give. But I aspire only for one – Love. Therefore, give your love and accept everything
. Strive for developing and bringing about transformation in the system of education. Members belonging to the Organization should discuss among themselves and do what they consider good, they need not wait for orders from the center. In fact, the center would be happy to know of such an initiative. What else can give Me more joy than the news that you do not have any differences, jealousy, in-fights, and are conducting yourselves as brothers and sisters. Work in accordance with Swami’s ideals. This gives joy to Swami. “Happiness lies in union with God’. That is true happiness. You cannot lay claim to happiness by experiencing worldly comforts.

Leaving aside all differences, one must mingle with each other and undertake service activities. You should not form separate groups. Realize that pain inflicted on others is pain inflicted on Me. If all are united, I shall be extremely happy. If you were to meet someone whom you may have hated, greet him lovingly. You must conduct yourself with love. This is real penance, meditation, Japam and Sadhana.

One should give and take love for love’s sake. If you continue this way, the entire nation would become happy. We can experience that kind of joy that has not been experienced hitherto in any previous Yuga.

When you greet others, do so wholeheartedly. Let there not be any disharmony in your thought, word and deed. Talk sweetly and smilingly. This makes all happy. “Happy mood, happy face, happy talk and happy work” should be your guiding force. Forget your differences and live in the present. This present is not ordinary, omnipresent.

Develop unity. There is immense strength in unity. In unity, not only you, but also the nation would have a chance to develop. Only love brings about unity. In this manner for the past four days, you have debated and discussed. Keep away all the hatred. Cleanse yourselves. Be happy. Go back happily.

This is a big workshop. Your body, akin to a car, has come here. All the bolts, nuts, brakes, springs and seats have all worn out. When you get back to your places transformed, people will observe the change in you and emulate you. I am teaching you all these, prompted by love, so that you develop love.

[Bhagavan concluded His discourse with the Bhajan, “Hari bhajana bina…”]


Pray for the peace of this majestic holy city, Jerusalem, Queen of all races and peoples.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6.

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget her skill. Psalm 137:5.