The Jerusalem Ensemble. Featuring a Pianist no?

Rabbinate Yerushalayim not? Falling slowly, (in love of course,) Jackie Evancho, singer.

Orae Piya, My Beloved. Seven Eyes at the Jashn-e-Rekhta festival 2017. Tanya Wells vocalist.

Kathak, Ishwari Deshpande, Revelation; Latent manifestation in dance.

Lal jhuti kakathua–The tale of the red plumed parrot.

Lal jhuti kakatua korae chae jae baina chai thar lal phithae chiruni aar aina, the red and orange plumed parrot has come up with an interesting motive, she wants a red thread, a hairbrush and an mirror to look at herself after she is all dressed up in her fancy new clothing.  Jedh bodo lal pede tia rong shari chai, she wants a sari with a broad and red border, mon bhora rong niyae holo mukh bhari thai, and she speaks to the motive as she puffs up her mouth, Patha bhora paan daebo maan kano daina..I brandish her favorite rewards yet she will not give her heart away. Choto thaekae kono dhin boro jodi hothae chao, If you want to become a strong and a good human being bhalo korae mon diyae pora shona korae jao,  pay attention to your studies. Dhushtumi korae jae kaeo tharae chaina, people are hard to get along without direction and instruction..lal jhuti kakatua.

Those who protect and those who will exploit grief in both God and Man.

Awath Shyam, Here comes Lord Krishna. Kathak dance thumri style.

Awath Shyam lachan chalae mukut dhar, The Blue Hued Lord, Krishna, shyly appears his head dress among the clouds in Brij or Brindavan; his residence on this earth. Murali easae bajae sab mae man ko harae, murali easae bajae kae sab kae man harae the song of his flute captures the hearts of everyone in Brij or Brindavan, kuch kanth brij mai jhoom jhoom chavath man mathvarae nainae sakhi man aur val dal, where do you ask Brij is, it is wherever the Lord is. Friends let us quickly go to herald his arrival. Awath Shyam lachan mukut dhar.

Ahshiqon kae Khuda, I am a devotee of God’s wishes. Ustad Shujaat Khan’s system of moral rights. Sitar and vocals not? “God Acts for the Sake of His Glory Romans 9:14–18, Part 2.” Sermon not? John Piper.

“Derean reehae na aha derena Ahshiquon kae Khuda ho gayae hai, aap maashuuq kya ho gayae, chaar so mujhko ghirae liya hai, maerae dil sae maerae jaan ho gayaen… kya kahun thumko maerae sanam hai, humtho aab bezubaan hogaiyaen ashiquon ke khuda ho gaaen ab masshuq kya ho gayaen apne hoto ko yuseen lay liya hai aaj therae razthaa ho gayae maeri maieth pae vo aagayae saarae vadhae wafa ho gai, askhikon kae khudha ho gai hai aap maashuuq kya ho gayae.  Maeri maieth pae aakae kahaan hai thum tho suuch much wafa ho gayae maeri maiath thum tho suuch muuch wafa ho gayae. ” “Many in Paul’s day were accusing God of being unrighteous in electing some and not others. In this lab, John Piper explains what the righteousness of God is showing his definition from several texts.  In doing so, he shows that God indeed does all he does for the glory of his own name.”