Blessed Jerusalem, 2019.

The outcome of evil not; Laws of Value to be adopted by every race, caste, creed and gender.

The truth of humanity as revealed by Hannah Arendt; Violence is the law of our beings. The Banality of Evil to be replaced by the Laws of Value Not?

3rd servile-72, Plutarch.

Truth’s Aristocracy versus Truth’s Privilege, An anatomical essay not?? The blood of aristocracy; its origin. Pure blood; its origin. Disease; its … By William Washington Evans.

“If a man possess knowledge of everlasting truths, of which the world is ignorant or neglect them, he naturally feels bound in his duty to his God and to the human race, to unfold those truths to the understanding man and extend to their furthest limits. It is his privilege to call upon others to assist him in this great work of circulating useful and healing truths to his fellow-creatures. Therefore, the readers of my book are kindly invited to lend them to their friends and induce their friends to become possessors of them for themselves, that they and their children may be instructed in the contents, thereof, which instruction will be of service to all youthful minds– for such minds love truth before they are hardened in sin.”