The Cathedral at Notre Dame not? God rejects evil yet allows persecution.

FILE — Firefighters battle a blaze at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on April 15, 2019. Notre Dame still stands only because firefighters decided to risk everything, a New York Times reconstruction has found. (Philippe Wojazer/Pool via The New York Times) — FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. —

The practice of war namely, cowardice, denies the gospel of truth. MK Gandhi in conversation with Winston Churchill on India and the British Empire.

Winston Churchill / Mahatma Gandhi / 1940-1949


Erik Satie, Composer, “Once Upon A Time in Paris.” Reflections on Sunsets.

The Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld. Creative Director, the House of Chanel. Haute Couture. 2018, tristesse or sorrow.

Freedom is everyone’s. Slavery is mine. Rome and her discontents. America, England and France, the three pillars of modern democracy NOT. MK Gandhi’s rebuke.



The initiative of reform or truth, past, present and hopeful future.

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