Interview with the London’s Jewish Chronicle, 1931. The corruption of MK Gandhi and Palestinians no longer.

Gandhi told London’s Jewish Chronicle in an interview in 1931: “I can understand the longing of a Jew to return to Palestine, and he can do so if he can without the help of bayonets, whether his own or those of Britain… in perfect friendliness with the Arabs.”

In 1937, after Arabs tried to stop Jewish immigration to British-administered Palestine by force, Gandhi repeated his view that a homeland for Jews in the Middle East would only be possible “when Arab opinion is ripe for it.”

In his most extended treatment of the problem, an essay called “The Jews,” published in his newspaper Harijan in 1938, Gandhi began:

Several letters have been received by me, asking me to declare my views about the Arab-Jew question in Palestine and the persecution of the Jews in Germany. It is not without hesitation that I venture to offer my views on this very difficult question. My sympathies are all with the Jews.

The practice of war namely, cowardice, denies the gospel of truth. MK Gandhi in conversation with Winston Churchill on India and the British Empire.

Winston Churchill / Mahatma Gandhi / 1940-1949


The obedience to laws is akin to obedience to truth. Rabbinate, Israel- Jerusalem.

Thera pyar hai meri zindagi, God your love is life to all who yearn for you here and in the afterlife.

Jaisae zulmath mae noor rehetha hai, as if moonlight in the night, aab adham ka yai haule hai, now it is Adam’s turn to catch its glimpse. Yae jo halka halka suroor hai. The life breath that fills those who believe in God.

Jaisae zulmath mae noor rehetha hai;  God your love is life to all who yearn for you.

Mohandas and Satyagraha as moral principles for all times of hatred in the world, so greatly loved by God. Stitches in time when you do the crime.

Mohandas Gandhi, explorer of penitence. NOT pain. Non-violence is never an abundance of hate and crime. MK Gandhi and independence accused of these values NOT?

Penitence, the moral for our past.  Hopefully our present and future too.

Lal jhuti kakathua–The tale of the red plumed parrot.

Lal jhuti kakatua korae chae jae baina chai thar lal phithae chiruni aar aina, the red and orange plumed parrot has come up with an interesting motive, she wants a red thread, a hairbrush and an mirror to look at herself after she is all dressed up in her fancy new clothing.  Jedh bodo lal pede tia rong shari chai, she wants a sari with a broad and red border, mon bhora rong niyae holo mukh bhari thai, and she speaks to the motive as she puffs up her mouth, Patha bhora paan daebo maan kano daina..I brandish her favorite rewards yet she will not give her heart away. Choto thaekae kono dhin boro jodi hothae chao, If you want to become a strong and a good human being bhalo korae mon diyae pora shona korae jao,  pay attention to your studies. Dhushtumi korae jae kaeo tharae chaina, people are hard to get along without direction and instruction..lal jhuti kakatua.

Does Evil have a Law of Value? Is it jealousy’s revenge? Ask wunderkind Zara in her dance, Aayat, (hope) from the movie Bajirao Mastani.

The nature of truth. From Constantinople to Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, Israel.

From conquest to sublime lives. Rabbinic call for prayers at the Holy Wall, Yerushalayim, Israel.