Charles Krauthammer on dangerous Hillary Clinton– She’s On Her “Marie Antoinette” Tour, It’s Theater; “I Almost Feel Sorry For Her.” Rebuttal– “Unfair Reputation.”


Queen Marie Antoinette, the star of the French Revolution, NOT.

Well done chump does not feel sorry for the imperialist, roman not romantic, dictatorial Pig. The best way to get rid of Hillary Clinton is the way the French Revolution got rid of Marie Antoinette but with a twist. Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off. Chumps courtesy of the Roman Republic demand that the fictional reality that the Clintoncrats have so carefully created be dumped. It is filled with hypocrisy, bad judgement, immoral conduct and more of blah, blah blah, blah from a 6 years old child. It is time that people see through her and send her and her spouse off to a loony bin if not a benedictine (not) penitentiary. Some would say there are quite a few Hilarious comparisons to Marie Antoinette. Not really.