Manikarnika, The Raani (Queen) of Jhansi trailer, a Bollywood movie to be released shortly.

Ithihaas gavaa hai kae eis zameen par there have been many songs written on the history of the Indian subcontinent known before the 1947 Partition as Hindusthan khuun kae khuraag sae hi santhyamathi parampthi yaheen hai , yet in Hindustan blood was shed for new principalities to come into existence.  In 1944, the second world war had spread the world over saari duniya chamak kae junoon pai hai and the war’s poison was everywhere. Hindusthan Angrezo ka gulam hai. Hindusthan was seen as a pawn of England and its slave. As nations  fought for survival under the German Nazi assault, jahan eis vakth aazadi ki aag aasman chuu rahi hai, there was also a fierce fight for Independence from the British Empire that galvanized millions toiling under repressive colonial rule. MK Gandhi led Sathyagraha, known as devotion to truth, was a rallying cry for securing Indian independence from British rule.  However, the Independence granted to the colonies was a farce since none of the governing parties, namely, Lord Mountbatten, Pandit Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah could come to a satisfactory transition of power.   In the ensuing bloody partition of British India into two separate nations, Pakistan and India, rose again another cry this time for protection of these new nations. The movie trailer Manikarnika  recollects the protection of India prior to British rule. The telling of the legend surrounding the Bharatiya (Indian) Queen Raani of Jhaansi is an exemplar of this story.  The trailer revives the glorious past of which the kingdom of Jhaansi was under a Queen’s (Raani) rule. Jhaansi’s Raani deftly demonstrated that a woman could successfully lead an army in war; an army that ultimately achieved liberty for its homeland and people.  Inspired by her achievements, millions celebrated her victory over an Empire, those of the British in much appreciated venues.  Rajputhana, like the Raani, (Queen), believed that death was preferable over defeat at the hands of their enemies. This history of sacrifice secured many Kingdoms in other parts of Hindusthan as well. The movie’s lionization of this Rajputh Queen celebrates her battle skills which have been admired as part of Indian history. Sakthi, Sakthi, Jhaansi Raani, Suryara Devi, Har Loko Ke Jhansi Raani, Raani thi…Power to the Queen of Jhaansi, a successful protector of those under her rule.

Megher palok, cloud cover. Shreya Ghoshal vocalist.

Megher palok chander nolok,the clouds cover along with the moon’s glory kagojer kheya bhasche…appear as paper boats. Buk dhuk puk chand paana much chile-kothaa theke haaschhe, the stirred soul calls out to the world.  Megher barite bheja bheja paaye ta-thoi ta-thoi barsha, in the cloudy heavens you will find rain.  Kaak bheja mon jal thoi thoi raattir holo pharsaa, our hungry hearts delight in a night made white. Aami tumi aaj ekaakaar hoye mishechhi alor britte, in our wanderings we have come into this magical light.  Mamo chitte niti nritye ke je nache…Who is it that dances in my soul? Aalto paaye chharaano path bhije aaynaa, With soft feet the water reveals a road,  Ei shahar aabchhaa bhor ter paayna, that awakens no sorrow.  Jal tup tup paaye chhando ratrir juiphul, As the Jui flower rests within drops. Haate haat rekhe aluk shaluk swapne mashgul, to flower again as dreamy truth.  Ogo chholomol nemechhe shraban, The crazy season, shraban, has brought turmoil.  Megh thoi thoi jhorna, Sending an invitation to the heavens to open up and rain down upon the world.  Ami tumi aaj ekaakaar hoye mishechhi aalor britte, lost souls such as you and me find ourselves in bright light. Rong -er doyaate aanki buki bhor elo melo ghor kaatche, With rainbows, our paths, stirred souls are awakened to new possibilities. Din paaltaay aalo aaltay duto mon aaj aantche,  Lonely souls will find their destiny as the days turn and the light alters. Jato oli goli akuli bikuli ei poth chola kaddur , No matter how treacherous the path, no matter how long the journey, Aaguner aanche aanache kaanache tumi aar aami roddur, the fire’s sting flees from us and we appear together as light.  Tumi aami teen sotyi hoye baaki sab aaj mithye, Laying claim to the fact that our two souls are the light in this betraying world.  Mamo chite … nritye… nache. Who is it that dances in my soul? (Bissho Kobi, Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate, British India.)