Is Non-violence the law of being? The study of ethical behavior in violent times.

Taking a page out of MK Gandhi’s playbook, perhaps the Allies in WW2 could have considered using the threat of non-violence to stop the advance of a madman, the sovereign Hitler not. The ruined lives could have been spared had Gandhi’s intellect been properly used to prosecute those involved in persecuting their friends and families.

Mohabathein, Loves. Mar Jawan, to die for. Kingha, Dancer.

Mar jawan mar jaawaan, tere ishq pe mar jaawaan – (2) 
let me die, let me die, for love let me die to live again
bheegi bheegi sapno ka jaise khat hai yeh 
this seems like a letter of summer days, happy days
haay gili gili chaahat ki jaise lat hai 
now longing to be fulfilled by dying
mar jawan mar jaawaan, tere ishq pe mar jaawaan – (2) 
let me die, let me die, for love let me die to live again

Soche dil ke aisa kaash ho 
my heart wants to believe in such affection
tujhko ek nazar meri talaash ho 
that in every sight, you should see me
jaise khwaab hai aankhon mein basae meri 
like the dreams that reside in everyone’s eye
waise nindon pe silvate padae theri 
the same way time takes the form of sleep
bheegi bheegi armaano ki raahat hai yeh 
this is what desire desires, its release
haay geeli geeli kwaahish bhi thoh bekhud hai yeh 
sunken dreams have only despair to fill them
mar jawan mar jaawaan, tere ishq pe mar jaawaan – (2) 
let me die, let me die for love let me die to live again.


Rachid Taha–Ya Rayah/Beloved.

Make a joyful heart for the Lord.

A وجع القلب
كان لها أن تعلم أن نرى، أن تبتسم، إلى الحب
هذا هو فقط أن أقول مرحبا
عندما كنت تريد لتقبيل
تتطلع من النافذة
ونتوقع أن ذلك لن
ومن المؤمل أن نسمع بعض لا …

She had to learn to see, to smile, to love, a heartbreak
This is just to say hi,
When you want to kiss
Looking out of the window
We expect that you will not
It is hoped that someone else will know of this crime.

A وجع القلب
هذا هو آخر موعد بعد أن كنت قد بدا رائعة جدا
وينعكس هذا النجوم التي في عينيك
بل هو ضوء القمر الجميلة التي كنت لا ترى
هو يريد لكن لا يمكن أبدا …

A heartache, this is the last time when it looked so wonderful
This star reflected in your eyes is a beautiful moonlight that you do not see, light in darkness that can never be achieved.

A وجع القلب
هذه هي أغنية صرخة سمع أزيز
هذا هو الحب على الرغم من الضرر الذي قد فعلت لك
هذا هو التظاهر بأن الحياة تستمر
وسعى هناك حب أو أن هناك أكثر

A heartache is the song of an owl heard humming
This is love in-spite of the damage done for you
This is to pretend that life continues. Even if
there was no love, there was more to life

A وجع القلب
لم يعد قادرا على مشاهدة عشاق
كان لها أن تضحك والدموع في عينيه
ومن اللامبالاة التي كنت يستقر في
هذا هو مفاجأة في انتظاره كما كان من قبل

A heartache, No longer able to watch lovers
laugh and cry when apart from each other
It is the indifference that they settle into
that prevents a surprise like no other before.

A وجع القلب
هذا هو ووتش وتلمس لا
يحلم ليلة دون وجود أي وقت مضى
بل هو الرواية التي ليست للقراءة بالفعل
بل هو الشمس التي تدفئ أكثر

A heartache, this is a watch that needs no winding and dreams at night that have never been slept in.
It is a novel that has not yet been read
It is sunlight that creates more of what went missing.

A وجع القلب
هذا هو عندما كنت أدرك شخص آخر قد اتخذت مكانك في قلبه
هذه هي الكنيسة فارغة أو نبكي في صمت
إنها مسألة معرفة الجواب دائما
في بعض الأحيان أنها محاربة حتى لو كنت التخلي عن …

A heartache, This is when you realize someone else has taken your place in their heart. This church is empty and forlorn.
It is always a matter of knowing the answer, for
sometimes they fight even if you did give up …

لوعة القلب …
فمن السلام في العالم في قلوبنا.
فنسنت صديقك ..

Friend, a sore heart can only be
mended when there is peace in the world and love in our hearts.

Echad mi yode’a, Who is our God? Echad mi’yodea, I know that they are the attributes of G-d, (God.)

1. Echad mi yodea Who is our God, Echad mi yode’a, I know, Echad Elokeinu shebashamaim uva’aretz, Who is in Heaven and on Earth, 2. Shnaim mi yode’a, tablets of the commandments, 3. shnei luchot habrit, our forefathers shlosha mi yode’a, shlosha ani yode’a, are our forefathers 4. Arba mi yode’a, arba ani yode’a arba imahot, are our
matriachs Chamisha, mi yode’a Who knows, Chamisha, ani yode’a, I know, 5 Chamisha chumshei , are the 5 books of the Torah, Shisha, mi yode’a? who knows, 6. Shisha, sidre mishna, 6. are the orders of the mishna, 7. Shiv’ah mi yode’a shiv’ah yemei,  shabatah, that there are 7 days in a week 7 8. Shmohan mi yode’a, shmonah ani yode’a shmonah yemei milah,  are the days of Brit milah, 9. Asara mi yode’a are the 9 months before birth, 10. asara ani yode’a, asara hibraya,  Asala hibraya, are the commandments, 11. hadasa mi yode’a are the stars in Joseph’s dream 12. shebasa mi yodea shebasa are the tribes of Israel, 13. Achad asar mi yode’a, achad asar ani yode’a achad asar kochvaya, shneim-asar mi yode’a, shneim-asar ani yode’a shneim-asar kochvaya, Shlosha-asar mi yode’a, Shlosha-asar midaya, are the attributes of G-d.