The film, Bajirao Mastani. Aaj Ibadhath, the days’ prayers. The Lubavitcher Rebbe. On the reality of faith.

Om mangalam bhagwan Vishnu, All  auspiciousness to God Vishnu, Mangalam garuda dhwaja … jai jai All auspiciousness to the eagle’s wings … Salutation. Om mangalam pundrikaksham. All auspiciousness to the lotus flower eyed one. Mangalaye thanno Hari, to whom auspiciousness is Lord Krishna Aaj ibaadat, Today a prayer Aaj ibaadat rubaru ho gayi, Today a prayer has been fulfilled. Rubaru ho gayi has been fulfilled, Joh maangi thi, joh maangi thi the one I was asking for, Us dua sae guftagu ho gayi,  I had a conversation with that prayer. Mere maula, mere maula, O my Lord, O my Lord. Mere maula, mere maula tera O my Lord, O my Lord thanks to you shukriya. Dhard kae andheron sae, from the pain of darkness, Aa gayae ujaalon mein. I’ve come into light, Ishq kae chiragon ka The lamps of love. Noor hai khayalon mein, lighten up my dreams. Nazron se teri chaak With just the gaze of your eyes, Dil pe rafoo ho gayi, My heart mended.Dil pe rafoo ho gayi, My heart mended. Mere maula, mere maula, O my Lord, O my Lord, tera shukriya, thanks to you.

Does Evil have a Law of Value? Is it jealousy’s revenge? Ask wunderkind Zara in her dance, Aayat, (hope) from the movie Bajirao Mastani.

There is only one caste of Humanity, morality or moral order. Rabbinic Message for sharing truth from Yerushalayim, the Capital of Israel.

The sacred and the profane. Michele Angelo Amerighi Da Caravaggio  (Michelangelo)