Moral evil not. Why the Quran teaches us to praise God in times of hardship and pleasure.

Tribute dinner for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. By, HRH Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, especially, Wales.

Fellowship to remove perfidious humanity. A law of value yet to become a reality. Not.

Response to Maya Angelou’s “Love recognizes no burden. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.Is there a real choice in our lives or that which cannot be cured must be endured? Choose between life over liberty, worship over worth, value over bigotry, wisdom over stealth, morality over ownership, prosecution over persecution and reform over crime. Instructions for the path to elect President Biden or reelect President Trump on November 3rd 2020. Laws over evil.

After sadness, comes atonement and an assessment of sin, sadha rangilae. Golden again?

Pt. Kumar Gandharva, Bol Re Papaihara. When you deny sin you deny Me. Bible study in Israel.

O come O come Emmanuel. Witness the glory of our beloved God. Music from the Piano Guys.

Violin concerto of the relatively unknown 18th century French virtuoso, Joseph Bologne, namely, Chevalier de Saint George as the “Black Mozart.”

What to hold close to your heart when things get tough. The tough get going Choli ke pichae kya hai, what is in your heart. Chakkar dance group, Russia.

Servant worship not?

When liberation of worth is Yerushalayim (Jerusalem’s) law of value.

Arbeit macht frei or slave labor in our lives in time…replacing Nazis and researching MK Gandhi became truth.