Mera Murshidh Khelae Holi. May Our Values Please the Lord.

Saawathae suhag rang, the morning proclaims the Lord’s glory. Sabkae naseeb dha One that attends to all loving beings.  Khelae dukh sukh aankh maein choli, teasing humanity with sorrow and happiness. Jeen main thu jaan mai thu merae saarae jahan mera murshid khelae holi, my God teacher whose teachings delight devotees. Yaara rang hai uska pyara pyala chid ke apni kalam ka rang dhae sab sansara glorify the world with blossoming friendships. Ishq dha rang hai pyaara Pyala chid kae apnae kakam ka, snatching victory from our fates rang dhae sab sansara. Ishq dha rang hain pyara, love’s path to love, Uski rangath maeri aadath, his majesty is law uski chahath aek ibaadhath, his vision a promise fulfilled uski morae sae sab salamaat hai, his blessing is good for all who serve him and him alone. Uski nazron sae sabki barkath hai and his vision heals all that seek his word. Aaj naseeba thaal yae pai jiskae haathe meain ishaq dha rang pyara. Saawathe suha rang, the morning proclaims the Lord’s glory. Saawathae suhag rang naseeb dha. Khaelae dhukh sukha aankh maecholi, mera murshid khele holi, mera murshid khelae holi, My Lord’s teachings delight the world.

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