Ehsan Thera Hoga Mujhpar, Should you have deigned to recognize me. Tribute by Sounak Chattopadhyay with additional lyrics. 2017.

Ehsaan thera hoga mujh par Your look has transformed me and now I cannot live without you.  Dhil chahta hai vo kehenae dho mujhae thumsae mohabbat ho gayi hae mujhae palko ki chayoun mae rehendho. Let the heart do what it must. I have fallen for you thus allow for this to remain between the shadow of the eyelashes. Savari saloni piya mohari auman. Meet prayers’ demands both near and afar. Chaabili suurath mora harlino chithvan and allow for your graceful looks to successfully defeat our innermost being  again.  Thuum nae mujkho hasna sikhaya ronae kahogae tho rolaengae. O God who has taught everyone to laugh also makes us shed tears at his command. Therefore, Lord, do not make light of life and let fallen tears remain where they must. Abb aasuun kae hamarae ghaam na karo vo behethae hain tho behenae dho. If you should care to create or erase me, I have praised you even in death (strains of song (undecipherable.) Chahae banadho chahae mitado mar bhi gayae tho dheyaengae duae.  Dreams that fly to reflect upon you, tell stories of love so that the world can survive on its own. Urd urd kae kahaegi khwaab sanam yae dhard mohabbath saehenae dho. I have loved you for who you were for eternity. Mujhae thumsae muhabbath ho gayi hai mujhae palko ki chaayon mae rehenae dho…Now let this story remain hidden within the shadow of my eyelashes.

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