Devotional dance about Krishna and his companions, Gopis. Compilations?

Niratata Dhang bahae pavana mandh sugandha seetahala Near the banks of the river Jamuna humanity waits for the arrival of the Lord.  Bansibatt thtt nikata jamuna, hearing the flute of Krishna brindavan ki kunj karin moe, in the forest of the abode of the Lord, Brindavan, nachhe gopi umang his companions dance with joy.  Adhri bhairi bhairi kamaj bhalta, slowly and completely bharath goda othi he raises the Bharath nation from evil. Mahiya tha tha thaei thaei thrugtha thrama thrama chanrana chalath uchang and due to this, his companions follow him wherever he goes.  Niratata dhang, nirtata dhang. The dance by gopis for the Lord Krishna in his heavenly abode, the Brindavan forest.

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