Balma Mane Na. Beloved God will not remain silent. Balmain, Parisian fashion designer not?


Balma maanae na, God does not agree bairi chup na rahae, and can no longer remain silent laagi man ki kahae, He speaks to all souls, hai papiya khaeli, like a song bird playing mori baiyan karae, and going after everyone at all times balma… jub jub paltoun gagar bharkae, when boundaries become flooded aaa nut rahae jainyae, know that the night still holds on mukh pae bikharkae, as if a veil over one’s face baath karae aesae diwana, that is how the Satan becomes known to everybody thurpae or thurpahae mohae, making us suffer balma…Beloved God not. Gunghat daaru naiin churayoun, I tried to hide underneath my belief, ghabrahat maain raah na paayoun, yet when fear struck I found no path forward vo baka rasiya mathvala, the Evil one made all roads crooked sunnae na mori apnae hi ki kahae stubbornly listening to his own value, balma bairi chup na rahae God will no longer remain silent about Satan’s glory.

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