Indranyani Kaati, Pandit Anand Bhate, vocalist, Hindustani classical song, language, Marathi. Raag, Bhimpalasi.

Indraayani kaathi devaachi alandi, On the banks of the river, Indrayaanyi, mystic saints can be found meditating. Laagali samadhi dnyaaneshachi, saint Dyaneshwar meditates on salvation. Dnyaaniyacha raja bhogato raaniv, he offers loving tributes as the path to liberation. Naachati vaishnv mage pudhe, embracing the image of the divine, devotees dance in praise of the Lord. Mage pudhe date dnaanacha ujed, when truth, the spirit of  knowledge, anganaat jhad kaivalyaache, envelopes his worshippers. Ujedi raahile ujed houn, the Lord pleased by their veneration grants majesty to the surrounding vale. Nivrutti sopan muktaabai. The siblings of the Saint Dyaneshwar, Nivrutti, Sopan and Muktabai attain liberation at his hands.


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