Moral decay is THE threat. Imperialism and its discontents.

Disagreements that may have taken place once upon a time are no longer tolerable. There are many factors that lead to this troubling and hateful ideology. These ideologues have built their castles for indemnification as the solution to resolve disputes.  One of these methods includes taking hostages to promote values.  Terrorism in the Europe, America, and Asia point to those who maintain a hold on political power at the expense of moral humanity. The powerful dominate nations resources to provide people who pose as advocates of liberty.  All organizations are invited be they jihadis and advocates of law. Is it any wonder that the palaces of the unholy directorates are protected with surveillance that will make NASA drool. The vox populi common people are subjugated, imprisoned, and persecuted for disobeying.  In the United States the time has come to demand an end to terrorism propagated to destroy lives. The call to action should be “change government or become party to terrorism.” It is time for free speech to possess the liberties associated with it.

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